Teaching “5 Little Ducks” to Toddlers



This week I printed off a sheet from letsplaykidsmusic.com with 5 little ducks and a mommy duck. The website has a variety of finger puppets available but I thought these would keep my daughters’ attention best. I simply cut them out and laminated them.

Printable: http://www.letsplaykidsmusic.com/five-little-ducks-went-swimming-one-day/

This is how we learned it:
Sing 5 little ducks, make them disappear one by one. For us, I found it was best when I held the ducks in my hand so that the girls didn’t make them disappear too quickly. I also found it good to make the ducks disappear into my girls’ pockets to keep them engaged. Sometimes I would say, “where did the ducks go?” or “bye-bye duck”. Then after all the ducks were gone Mommy duck quacks and all the ducks get pulled out of the pockets.

We did this in the middle of play time. Here a little and there a little will go a long way. Toddlers like to do things over and over again so I’m sure we’ll do this activity often. Apart from singing, this activity is also a good way to teach counting and subtraction.

Lately we also have been listening to theclassicalstation.org through their iPad app to get more familiar with classical music. Another activity we’ve been doing as well is shaking an empty hand cream tub filled with rice at various tempos. I start slow and then speed up all of a sudden. Usually I sing a tune and shake it (getting lots of laughs in response when the tempo speeds up) but one of my daughters enjoyed trying to make our handmade shaker shake quickly, too!


Link to my related Pinterest Board: Toddler Music

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