Technique Inspiration and Ear Training Challenge (Free Printable)


Below you will find a worksheet I created with a particular teenage student in mind. I wanted to make a worksheet that would give her a sort of visual plan and accountability of what should be memorized (I believe that scales should and can be so familiar that they can be played at the drop of a hat). However, I hope this page won’t bog her down with too much fingering. This printable is simply a quick overview of the major scales and if she needs to make more complete fingering charts that can be written somewhere else. I’m sharing it and if it’s helpful to you, brilliant!

Link to PDF file:


Scales, arpeggios and Chords:

Playing scales with 4 octaves is a good way to become familiar with the whole keyboard. Multiple octave arpeggios are also great but for now I’m only looking for 1-octave arpeggios. I’ve added just a few ideas of how to play scales (contrary motion, rhythmic) but there are truly lots and lots of variations so this is only a short list to keep technique a little more interesting! Scales and chords naturally pair together so I included a pattern to play the most common major chords using each major scale as well.

(Please note, the ** in the printable should read: **RH starts on fingers 2, 3, or 4)

Ear Training Challenge!

In addition to the technique ideas, the last section on the page includes an ear training exercise. Here’s the instructions I wrote:

“Think of your favorite songs. Hum the beginning notes to yourself (either audibly or just singing “in your head”) and see if you can correctly guess the interval between the first two notes. Check your answer using the keyboard by playing the melody by ear.”

Hopefully this will be a fun way to improve aural skills. Part of the reason for making this printable is to give a greater motivation to learn all the scales really well. Also, I hope it’s written in an interesting way that’s straighforward and geared towards this particular students’ needs.


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