Free Ways to Advertise Piano Lessons Online



“Free Ways to Advertise Piano Lessons Online” | Flynn Piano Studio

Advertising piano lessons was one of the first steps to take in beginning Flynn Piano Studio. I implemented a variety of advertising venues then (see my article “Advertising Home-Based Piano Studio Lessons”). Now I’d like to share some further details about online advertising, particularly free venues. Advertising on free websites has a variety of advantages. Not only does it give a wider range of people a chance to find your studio but also it gives your studio a better visibility in the search engines. You can also include your website on some ads which will give potential students a better idea of who you are as a teacher should they continue on to your webpage.

Free web listings can be a lead for reaching new piano students. If you’re not sure which sites to use google search “piano lessons (your city or state/county)” and see if any free classified ad pages appear which other teachers use. Particularly see if any webpages advertise courses. Or more generally google search “advertising (your city or state/county)” and see which websites come up. In this case, for example, one website I found was Choose the most reliable-looking advertising sites. The Internet has a variety of choices ranging from eclectic to professional ones.

Be as descriptive as possible when writing ads and think of the search terms that you would use if you were looking for a teacher. Google search for piano lessons in your city and see if your studio appears. If not, either advertise more places or re-write the descriptions on your ads and provide more details or relevant phrasing. Decide whether you want to include one or all of these contact details: your phone number, email and studio address. For privacy reasons you may not opt for all but make sure that those who want to contact you have a reliable way of doing so.

Trust these tips will be of help to piano teachers. And If you are a student who is interested in taking piano lessons at Flynn Piano Studio (currently located in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland), please visit my HomePage and send me a message through the contact form!


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