Babies and Music

Babies and Music

Babies and Music

Babies may be too young to start piano lessons, but it’s never too early to expose them to music. Even from the womb babies hear sounds from the outside world and once they are born their senses become heightened as they more fully learn of their surroundings. Two practical ways to introduce babies to music are melody and rhythm.


Children love hearing singing. Looking at your baby in the eye while singing and seeing them respond with a grin is such a beautiful way to share a love for music with your child. Babies enjoy hearing a range of high and low sounds in melodies. They like both calm and lively tunes. I also believe that hearing a certain tune over and over again will help a baby to memorize that tune when they are older.


Making rhythmic patterns while bouncing, talking, winding, or tickling your baby is loads of fun. Pick a word (ex. “hi”) or a phrase (ex. “I love you”) and say it in a rhythmic pattern while bouncing your child on your knee. Also, you can tap their back, tickle them, or kiss their fingers using a rhythmic pattern. Rhythm is all around but these are some ways to use it alongside everyday baby activities.

Music is learned in little steps which build upon each other.

small musical
steps with your baby!

One thought on “Babies and Music

  1. Another way is to take them to a Kindermusik class! I taught these classes for many years and saw the babies learn and grow with the music and in their relationships with their caregivers!


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