Practice Note-Reading Online

If you want to practice reading music notation, these games may be a fun way to practice over the summer.
Practice note-reading using online games.

Practice note-reading using online games

  • Speed Note Reading Tutor:
    This game is particularly helpful for those who need to learn the space notes (FACE) or the line notes (EGBDF). To practice this, go to level 1, rookie. Some of the levels use a “keyboard.” I found the keyboard confusing at the beginning but then realized that the first note is F rather than C.
  • Note Name Game:
    Practice finding notes in the treble clef by spelling various words that appear on the screen.
  • Musical Notes Game:
    This game is more challenging by adding a time limit. Find the notes that scroll across a screen before they disappear. Notes are in treble and bass clef. Accidentals (sharps and flats) are also used.
Feel free to add any games you find in the comment section below!



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